Advertise on ARNEWSHINDI.IN Companies that want to Promote their Brand can Select Monthly ads as per the below Ad size and you have to Charge Monthly Money as per ad unit size

The following Ads unit Size Are Available On ARNEWSHINDI.IN

  1. Top Bar- Header Ads unit Size 300×250, 336×280, 250×250: $399 Month.
  2. Between Content- Post Ads unit Size 300×600, 200×200, 320×100: $299 Month.
  3. Footer Bar- After Content Ads unit Size 300×250, 336×280, 250×250: $200 Month.
  4. Sidebar- ( Small Size ) Ads unit Size 180×150: $99 Month.

Website 12-Month Google Search Console Details

Google search console details of the website have been provided for 12 months, there is monthly traffic of 5 lacks to 1 million on the website, you can check the screenshot for traffic proof.

  • Google Search 12-month Result
Google Search Result

  • Google Discover 12-Month Result
Google Discover 12 Month Result

  • Site Analytics Search Console Insights
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Monthly 5 lahks to 1 million Traffic Comes from India from Google Search, Telegram, & Social Media on the Site, if any Company or Brand wants to Advertise on the Website, then they can get a Good Benefit. If you want to advertise on the website, then you can Contact us, we will Reply to you quickly within 12 to 24 hours.

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